Melbourne Development Acquisitions

Home owners

What MDA can do for home owners

MDA offers property owners high quality information regarding the development potential of your property. MDA’s contacts and database of developers and investors allows property owners a direct line to purchase offers and potential joint venture opportunities.

Why home owners should go through MDA

Property owners should contact MDA if they believe their property has development potential. Most local real estate agents are not as equipped to dealing with development sites and could leave you misrepresenting the development potential of your property.

Benefits of dealing with MDA

Specialising in property development allows MDA to build more contacts in this field, gain more knowledge and thus a more professional service.  MDA is known for a quicker turnaround on the development potential for your property. All information is backed by industry specialists and has been tried and true.  MDA’s extensive database of builders and developers who are looking for varying sizes and type of properties allows owners to receive offers to purchase or Joint Venture from market leaders without advertising.

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